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Good morning / evening, I have seen many people doing the 100 Palette Challenge ,
and make one really sounds interesting :) 

But even so, I have a problem that is not which of my characters do with face palette

(Bahh, as the 64 is perfect to make with Maximilian) so I come with a little help:

100 Palette Challenge by FallenZephyr

As the image says ¡tell me a number of my character and the number of the palette!

Hearts In Colour  First I will set rules Hearts In Colour 

  1. ONLY MY CHARACTERS No other OCs of other people  or  fanart, only mine characters (original or fan characters)
  2. I will follow the list, I do not pass as another challenge.
  3. I do not want to mix two or more palette, just one please.
Well, those are just the rules, if you can comment one of my characters (not worth repeating).

Blue Pixel Orb Numbers of Characters    Blue Pixel Orb 

1) Damien The Cat
2) Miza The Rabbit
3) Taisuke The Hedgehog
4) S.I.M.O.N The Metal Cat
5) May The Hedgehog
6) Cal The Echidna
7) Parerus Imun
8) Gossamer Arachnis
9) Roy "Riku" Mororo
10) Katrina Frog
11) Commander Claude
12) Yakuza Frog
13) Amarilis Rose
14) Oran/Uran The Tarot 
15) Neru Hierou
16) Kukub The Kukul
17) Rulk The Deer
18) Moriz The Proud Phoenix
19) Elella/Heshe
20) Grastiel The Shadling
21) Le Verite The Narwhal
22) Clio The Emperador Penguin

100 Palette Challenge N-50 - Clio The E.Penguin by SonicJuice

23) Josephine The Giant Octopuss
24) Creta The Tuna
25) Valentine The Spider Crab
26) Link The Green Piranah
100 Palette Challenge N- 30 - Link The G.Piranah by SonicJuice
27) Macro The Strange
Teu The Firefly Squid
Grimpo The Dumbo octopuses
Pig Pink The Piglet Squid
Winter The Binocular fish
 Miss Vora The Red jellyfish
Bianca The sea Angel
Glow The Glowing Sucker Octopuss
Drago The Pacific Black Dragon
 Laven The Gulper Eel
Pela The Telescope octopus
Bruja y Small The Humpback anglerfish (Are couple)
Nigel The Black swallower
40) Collete The 
 Spider Crab
41) Cristobal The Green Piranah
42) Adtran The sea Snake
Goliat The Tigerfish
Ranoa The Wimple Piranha
Alejandro The Red-bellied piranha
Adolf The Black Piranha
Alfred The Slender Piranha
 Rasputin The Palometa
49) Veron The Tuna
50) Cross Dark
51) Marive and Inko (Are couple) 
52) Roso The Andean Flamingo
53) Romeo The Killer Whale
54) Esopo The Blue Whale
55) Knight Night
56) Buttler Dream
57) Lolo and Alberto The Emperor Penguin (Are Brothers)
58) Michelle and Lily The King Penguin
59) Saiga White 
60) Azarashi Dantes
61) Issac "Mensonge" The Narwhal
62) Vigeuer The Giant Tuna
63) Ceaser The Barred Sorubim
65) Future The Emperor Penguin 
66) David The King Penguin
Cody y Jerema The Southern Rockhopper Penguin (Are couple)
Fernando "Hiroshi" The Magellanic Penguin
69) Edgo The Giant Octopuss
70) Dough The Green Piranah

71)  La Abuela/The Grandmother
72)  Rucien Debray The Suiko
73) Embestel
74) Le Ciel The Archangel
75) Sweet Victory 
76) Rina The Steller 
77) Anda 
78) Musashi The Leopard Seal
79) Milo-Chan
80) Rem Steller
82) Miyamoto The Leopard Seal
83) Ruthless Star
84) Alioth The Gothic Hedgehog
85) Tain Fox
86) Foux Fox
87) Reika Fox
88) Cartman The Echidna
89) Stand The echidna
90) Brutus The Echidna
91) Mike and Kidched The Equidna (Are Twins)

92) harraus Wolf

93) Roya Wolf
94) Ritchie The Doggy
95) Kira The Echidna
96) Alexander The Tuna
Lancelot The Flying Fish 
98) X
99) X
100) X 

Special : N.64 

100 Palette Challenge N-64 - Maximilian The S.Crab by SonicJuice

Kao Emoji-93 (Excitement) [V5] ¡Thank you for your attention! Kao Emoji-93 (Excitement) [V5] 

Note1: I'll add three more OCs (98,99 and 100) when present, even as I will do in this present universe xD
Note2: The palette number 64 and Maximilian not put on the list because  I decided to  draw Max  with that palette xD



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Te quejas d lo q hago, te quejas del yaoi? q no dibujo mucho fanart? me vale verga, son MIS dibujos >8D

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